Andalusia: A natural choice

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Welcome to this holiday paradise in the south of Spain

Head inland from Andalusia’s well-known coastline to discover what makes the region so naturally beautiful. Home to the largest natural park in Spain, and with protected space covering a third of its land, Andalusia’s interior is rich in nature.

Andalusia boasts a landscape that suits any sport or activity in the open air

Andalusia is… naturally close
The people of Andalusia work very closely with the land to keep old traditions and practices alive. Centuries-old techniques and customs play a part in the creation of the region’s arts and crafts, as well as its gastronomy. Crafts from wickerwork and tapestry to woodwork and ceramics are all produced in Andalusia, while its 64 million olive trees make it the biggest olive oil producer in Spain.

Andalusia is… naturally active
With the largest network of protected natural areas in the Iberian Peninsula, Andalusia boasts a landscape that suits any sport or activity in the open air. It’s also home to a labyrinth of roads, ravines and paths to be enjoyed by bike or on horseback.

Andalusia is… naturally magical
Andalusia has more Unesco World Heritage Sites than almost any other region in Spain, and its cities are bursting with stories that go back centuries. Cultural highlights and ancient ruins can be found dotted across its landscape, giving the region a touch of magic.

Andalusia is… naturally responsible
Inland Andalusia champions sustainability and responsible practices across different types of tourism. With interest in gastronomy, biodiversity and even starlight reserves on the rise among travellers, the region focuses on practices that have the least impact on the environment.

Free Covid-19 insurance

Andalusia offers free Covid-19 insurance to non-resident international travellers who stay at any type of regulated establishment. This insurance package is valid until December 31, 2021, and covers medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses, as well as repatriation and an extension of stay due to quarantine.

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