Consumers find travel restrictions unclear – survey

Only one in three UK adults consider the current rules on overseas travel clear, according to research by YouGov.

Almost three out of five (59%) say the rules aren’t clear, with one in four (24%) agreeing they are “not clear at all”.

YouGov polled 4,500 UK adults last week and found 33% consider the rules on overseas travel to be clear, although only 7% said they were “very clear”.

Rates barely varied by age, region or differences in household income.

A separate YouGov survey in June posed a similar question to consumers in 17 countries, asking ‘How clear are travel guidelines across the world?’

Responses across Europe were similar to the UK with between 27% and 37% in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden considering the rules clear and half or more – between 49% and 58% – considering travel requirements to be unclear.

However, the position was reversed in countries with the toughest restrictions on entry, for example in Australia, Singapore and China where 56%-59% of respondents thought the travel restrictions clear and 21% to 32% considered them unclear.

The borders of Australia, Singapore and China have been closed in effect for the duration of the pandemic.

The survey suggested respondents in the UAE enjoy the greatest clarity with 70% agreeing travel guidelines were clear compared with 21% who found them unclear.

YouGov’s survey in the UK in July also asked respondents how they thought UK holidays compare with holidays abroad.

Almost half (46%) agreed ‘Holidays abroad are usually better’ and just over one in four (27%) considered ‘There is no real difference’.

About one in six (16%) preferred UK holidays.

YouGov surveyed 4,500 UK adults on July 27, asking ‘How clear, if at all, do you find the current rules around travelling abroad?’

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