Last-minute flight cancellations ‘rose 188%’ in June over pre-pandemic levels

The level of last-minute UK airport flight cancellations rose by 188% last month against pre-pandemic June 2019, according to new analysis.

The increase came despite scheduled flight numbers being down 23% in June.

A total of 3,833 last-minute cancellations were recorded out of 153,164 UK departures – equivalent to 2.5%, aviation data firm Cirium found.

Only 1,332 last-minute cancellations were made in June 2019 out of 198,379 UK departures, equivalent to 0.67%.

Although Gatwick and Heathrow saw the highest number of last-minute cancellations, they only accounted for 3.9% and 2.2% of scheduled flights respectively.

Passengers using Southampton and London City airport suffered the most last-minute cancellations.

Meanwhile, average flight delays from UK airports in June increased by 71% over the same month in 2019.

The worst airports for delays were Gatwick with an average of 34 minutes followed by Bristol airport, with an average of 30 minutes, then Edinburgh (26 mins), Heathrow (25 mins) and Glasgow (21 mins).

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