‘Limited benefits’ to European destinations with amber list travel change

Relaxation of rules enabling fully vaccinated travellers from England to avoid quarantine on return from amber list countries will have only limited benefits for European destinations.

The claim came as research revealed that half of people fear they will contract Covid-19 when taking a foreign holiday.

The findings from data and analytics company GlobalData show that more than half of consumers would also be deterred from booking international holidays due to quarantine requirements and travel restrictions.

Almost a third have financial concerns about booking abroad while a quarter would be put off by a lack of travel options such as limited flight availability.

There is also worry that amber list countries could switch to the red list requiring costly hotel isolation on return to the UK.

GlobalData associate analyst Rheanna Norris said ahead of the July 19 rule chance announced by transport secretary Grant Shapps: “Booking surges to popular European amber list destinations are expected.

“However, the last-minute changes to rules may have permanently discouraged international holidays for UK travellers this year.

“The top deterrent to traveling remains quarantine requirements, followed by travel restrictions. As these are lifted for fully vaccinated travellers, one may expect popular European destinations to benefit and salvage some of the peak summer period.

“However, many UK travellers with families will have already made UK domestic plans for a summer holiday.

“The cost, hassle, and fluctuating rules may have caused UK travellers to postpone international holidays in the near future.

“This is shown in a GlobalData poll, in which 43% of respondents said they are considering domestic trips in the next 12 months, while 29% said they were not willing to travel at all.”

Norris added: “The added uncertainty of the possibility that ‘amber list’ countries could be placed on the ‘red list’, which require a stay in a quarantine hotel, could also deter travellers from booking an international escape.

“This means that the benefit for UK traveller-dependent destinations remains uncertain.

“Pent-up demand from travellers who are willing to book last-minute sun escapes will only slightly make up for the losses European destinations have seen in recent months.”

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