Regent plans to add features to passenger app

Regent Seven Seas Cruises is planning to add more features to its onboard phone app to enhance the passenger experience.

Jason Montague, the line’s president and chief executive, said new features will be rolled out on the Regent Seven Seas Cruises app “over the next year-plus”.

The existing app – built in partnership with SmartGuide – that launched early last year allows passengers to listen to tour guides during shore excursions while maintaining an appropriate social distance.

Montague said the app could be enhanced to improve ships’ muster drills and check-in experiences.

Speaking on Regent ship Seven Seas Splendor’s restart sailing, Montague (pictured) said: “The first part of that [launch] was the shore excursion and allowing guests to hear the tour guides on their phone. We’ll be adding additional items to that.

“There’s a fine line to losing the component of personal service and what the app will do without impacting the overall experience that guests have.”

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Asked when additional features would be added to the app, he said: “Those details are coming. [The app] will enhance the information, particularly on shore excursions, and your ability to do stuff that makes the overall experience better.

“Enhancing the experience and getting real time feedback are things that we’re always focused on doing.”

Montague said he is a “big believer” that technology is “important in certain components but not in everything” in the luxury space.

He added: “The nature of how we interact with guests, technology should not be the driver of that. I don’t want technology to get in the way of service levels and that personal connection that we have with our guests.”

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