Viking Cruises confirms ‘suspected positive’ Covid test result

A passenger on a Viking Sky cruise around Iceland is in isolation after a “suspected positive test result” for Covid-19.

A spokesperson from Viking Cruises said: “We can confirm that a guest produced a suspected positive test result. Our comprehensive and advanced protocols worked exactly as they were designed – to detect any possible case so that it can be isolated, and a potential chain of transmission can be stopped immediately.

“The suspected positive test result occurred as part of our frequent and highly sensitive non-invasive saliva PCR testing of all guests and crew.

“The individual is a fully vaccinated guest who is asymptomatic, and they are now in isolation.

“Our onboard contact tracing system was activated, and there have been no further suspected positive test results.”

There are no UK guests on this sailing, which is the eight-day Iceland’s Natural Beauty itinerary, beginning and ending in Reykjavik.

The cruise line said the Viking Health & Safety Programme is “one of the most well-researched and comprehensive Covid-19 prevention and mitigation plans in the travel industry”.

It offers “frequent, quick and easy non-invasive saliva PCR tests for all guests and crew”, processed in Viking-dedicated laboratories.

Each of its ocean vessels is equipped with a PCR laboratory and it has a network of Viking-dedicated shoreside labs for river ships.

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