Visit Denmark joins Atas to highlight ‘soft adventure’ options

Denmark’s tourist board has become an associate member of the Association of Touring and Adventure Suppliers to encourage agents to highlight the country’s soft adventure credentials.

Ninna Seerup, UK and US travel trade manager for VisitDenmark, said the tourist board has been promoting experiences “beyond the beaten path” in recent years and now wants travel agents to help inspire travellers seeking soft adventure breaks.

“UK travel agents can help us increase knowledge about Denmark as a holiday destination,” she said.

“Through the agents we can tell a larger and more in-depth story about Denmark.

“Denmark might not be the top-of-mind holiday destination for travellers, so agents are important for us to spread the word.

“If we help inspire and educate the agents, then they can help spread this knowledge to their clients.”

As well as activities such as water sports and cycling in the capital Copenhagen, the country boasts more than 4,500 miles of coastline and 400-plus islands, offering biking, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, foraging tours and glamping.

“We see people being more curious about lesser-known experiences in Denmark,” added Seerup.

“They are searching for high-quality and localised experiences, and they are realising how small Denmark actually is.

“Travellers can see the sights of Copenhagen, visit local restaurants, take part in cooking classes and visit rural Danish wineries, try surfing, bridge walking, hiking, visit the Danish islands and seaside hotels.”

Unusual options include oyster safaris and skiing on Copenhill – an artificial ski slope on top of a waste power plant in Copenhagen.

Claire Brighton, Atas account director, said: “We are delighted to welcome VisitDenmark as an associate member. There is such a wide range of touring and adventure options in the country, it is an ideal destination for agents to promote to clients.

“From exploring cities to the countryside and coastline, there are interesting, quirky and different activities available. Being an associate member of Atas gives the tourist board a great opportunity to raise awareness of its destination’s attractions.”

Denmark is on the amber list for those arriving back in England from the destination. To find out more about the country, its entry rules and attractions, visit the Travel Weekly Restart & Recovery Hub.

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